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Rancho Santa Fe Estate

This project involves the structural design and detailing of a 27,000 sq. ft. estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The design for the split-level, one-story, single-family residence, with subterranean garage, includes a steel-beam-framed roof, cantilevered up to 70 feet in several locations. The lateral load resisting system consists of steel braced frames, cantilevered columns, and concrete shear walls. The masonry garage and site walls are all covered with a cast-in-place concrete veneer to provide an exposed cast-in-place concrete finish throughout the building.

In addition to the residence there are a number of other structures, including a man-made lake and an under-crossing below a portion of the water feature/pool, a pool house, tennis courts, and a two-story maintenance barn. Other site structures such as retaining walls, entry gates, and jogging path bridges were also included in the scope of the structural services.

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