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Garfield High School and Parking Structure

Garfield High School was constructed jointly between the San Diego Unified School District and San Diego City College. It is located just east of San Diego City College at 16th avenue and B street in San Diego, CA. The high school is a four building complex with structures up to four stories in height situated on one city block. The buildings were constructed of steel framing with concrete and metal deck floors. Even though it is on a small site, the buildings provide spaces for classrooms, administration, vocational classes, student services and recreation. The construction cost was in the neighborhood of 15 million dollars.


Adjacent to the High School complex is a three level parking structure. The parking structure is used jointly by students of Garfield High School and San Diego City College. The parking garage is a three story prestressed, precast and cast in place concrete parking structure. The parking garage is partially embedded three stories in height into the hillside at one end.

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